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  • October 26-28, 2016
    IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS 2016)
    Technical Committee Co-Chair: Joseph Cavallaro
  • May 6, 2016
    IEEE Texas Workshop on Integrated System Exploration (TexasWISE) 2016
    Organizer: Joseph Cavallaro
  • February 1, 2016
    “Inter/Intra Chip Optical Networks: Opportunities and Challenges”
    Jiang Xu, Xilinx-HKUST
    Host: Lin Zhong
  • January 14, 2016
    “Addressing Spectrum Scarcity through Optical Wireless Communications”
    Mohammed-Slim Alouini, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
    Host: Behnaam Aazhang
  • January 12, 2016
    “Brain-Inspired Computing: The Extraordinary Voyages in Known and Unknown Worlds”
    Yiran Chen, University of Pittsburgh
    Host: Lin Zhong


  • October 6, 2015
    “Interdependency of Control and Communications: From Maxwell’s Demon to Cyber Physical Sytems”
    Husheng Li, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Host: Behnaam Aazhang
  • September 21, 2015
    “Vertically Integrated Projects”
    Randal Abler, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro


  • December 15, 2014
    “VLSI Optimization for High-Speed Digital Communications”
    Zhongfeng Wang, Broadcom Corporation
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro
  • November 17, 2014
    “Managing competition for (public) resources: Decision-making and some congestion cost cutting approaches”
    Ioannis Stavrakakis, University of Athens, Greece
    Host: Edward Knightly
  • February 5, 2014
    “Use-it or Lose-it: Wearout and Lifetime in
    Future Chip-Multiprocessor Interconnect”

    Paul V. Gratz, Texas A&M University
    Host: Farinaz Koushanfar
  • February 11, 2014
    “Computing in space with Open SPL”
    Georgi Gaydadjiev, Chalmers University, Sweden and Maxeler
    Technologies, London
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro


  • January 18, 2013
    “Digitally-Assisted Transceiver

    Mikko Valkama, Tampere University of Technolo0gy, Finland
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro
  • March 28, 2013
    “Efficient Sparse Projection with
    Application to Scene and Video Classification”

    shiv N. Vitaladevuni, Raytheon BBN Technologies
    Host: Ashok Veeraraghavan
  • October 22, 2013
    “Challenges in High-Temperature Embedded
    Systems Design”

    Thanh Tran, Halliburton
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro
  • November 7, 2013
    “Public Access Wireless Networks:
    Vulnerabilities, Detection and Mitigation Strategies”

    Alan Marshall, The University of Liverpool, UK
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro
  • November 8, 2013
    “Nonlinear Self-Interference Cancellation
    in Full-Duplex Transceivers”

    Lauri Anttila, Tamper University of Technology
    Host: Ashutosh Sabharwal
  • November 25, 2013
    “Modeling, Architecture, and Applications
    for Emerging Memory Technologies”

    Yuan Xie, Pennsylvania State University
    Host: Lin Zhong
  • December 6, 2013
    “Multiuser Spatial Resource Allocation and
    Frequency Scheduling for Evolving Cellular Communications”

    Markku Juntti, University of Oulu, Finland
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro


  • April 24, 2012
    “Wire Routing in Electronic Design

    Martin D.F. Wong, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Host: Farinaz Koushanar
  • May 1, 2012
    “Multiterminal Source Code under
    Logarithmic Loss”

    Thomas Courtde, UCLA
    Host: Ashutosh Sabharwal
  • September 20, 2012
    “Toward Micro Vision Sensors”
    Sanjeev Koppal, Harvard University
    Host: Ashok Veeraraghavan
  • September 21, 2012
    “Augmenting 2D Animation with Physically
    Simulated 3D Effects”

    Eakta Jain, Carnegie Mellon University
    Host: Ashok Veeraraghavan
  • September 26, 2012
    “An Approach for Quantitative Optimization
    of Highly Effiient Dedicated Cordic Macros as SoC Building Blocks”

    Upasna Vishnoi, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro
  • October 25, 2012
    “Funding Opportunities in Wireless Networking and Communications”
    Min Song, National Science Foundation
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro
  • November 8, 2012
    “Novel architectures and design tools for
    the implementation of complex DSP systems on FPGA-based technologies”

    Roger Woods, Queen’s University Belfast
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro
  • November 14, 2012
    “Algorithms for privacy-preserving machine learning”
    Anand Sarwate, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
    Host: Ashutosh Sabharwal
  • November 15, 2012
    “Overview of University Relations and
    Projects at Qualcomm Research”

    Mahesh Ramachandran, Qualcomm
    Host: Ashok Veeraraghavan
  • November 20, 2012
    “Investigation of Wi-Fi vulnerabilities and

    Bosheng Zhou, Queen’s University Belfast
    Host: Joseph Cavallaro


  • March 1, 2011
    “Server Reliability and Mobile Energy
    Efficiency: Two Challenges and Two Solutions

    Murali Annavaram, University of Souther California
    Host: Lin Zhong
  • September 12, 2011
    “Trellisware Tech Talk:
    Mobile Ad hoc Network Design for Robustness, Scalability & Practical

    Thomas Carter (Rice BSEE ’76, MEE ’77), President/CEO, Trellisware
    Host: Behnaam Aazhang
  • September 15, 2011
    “Wireless Channel Uncertainty in
    Relay-Assisted Communication and Distributed Detection Systems”

    Azadeh Vosoughi, University of Rochester
    Host: Behnaam Aazhang
  • September 29, 2011
    “Developing a Multi-Sensor Wearable Device
    for Assessment of Diet and Physical Activity”

    Mingui Sun, University of Pittsburgh
    Host: Tony Elam
  • December 5, 2011
    “Coded Multipath Routing for Wireless

    Brooke Shrader, MIT LIncoln Lab
    Host: Behnaam Aazhang
  • December 6, 2011
    “3GPP LTE-Advanced and 4G” and “mmWave Mobile Comunication”
    Dr. Charlie Zhang and Sridhar Rajagopal, Samsung Dallas Technology R&D Center
    Hosts: Joseph Cavallaro and Aydin Babakhani
  • December 6, 2011
    “Having One’s Cake and Eating it Too: The Problem of Joint Communication and sensing”
    Urbashi Mitra, University of Southern California
    Host: Behnaam Aazhang


    • March 12, 2010

      “Diversity-based Multband Spectum Sensing
      Policy for Cognitive Radios”

      Visa Koivunen, Helsinki University of Technology
      Host: Behnaam Aazhang

    • March 15, 2010

      “Random Finite Set Approach to Multi-Object
      Estimation and Tracking in Computer Vision”

      Reza Hoseinnezhad, University of Melbourne
      Host: Behnaam Aazhang

    • March 19,

      “Configurable Analog Signal Processing”
      Paul Hasler, Georgia Institute of Technology
      Host: Richard Baraniuk

    • March 25,

      “Breaking the Barriers in Wireless Network
      Information Theory”

      Salman Avestimehr, Cornell University
      Host: Ashutosh Sabharwal

    • April 8,

      “Sampling of Social Processes to Understand
      Human Activity “

      Hari Sundaram, Arizona State University
      Host: Ashutosh Sabharwal

    • April 8,

      “Flexible Baseband Architectures for
      Wireless Communications”

      Gerald Sobelman, University of Minnesota
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro

    • April 14,

      “Should we decode or quantize?”
      Sae-Young Chung, KAIST
      Host: Ashutosh Sabharwal

    • April 14,

      “Time-Based UWB Synthetic Imager (TUSI) for
      Medical Applications”

      Amin Arbabian, University of California at Berkeley
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro

    • December

      “Half-Duplex Gaussian Relay Networks with
      Interference Processing Relays”

      Srikrishna Bhashyam, IIT-Madras
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro


    • January
      15, 2009
      – ECE Distinguished Lecture
      “Wireless Sensors Networks: The Art of

      Magdy Bayoumi, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
      Hosts: Yehia Massoud and Joseph Cavallaro
    • February
      13, 2009

      “Computing with Things Small, Wet, and
      Random: Design Automation for Nanoscale Technologies and Biological

      Marc Riedel, University of Minnesota
      Hosts: Lin Zhong
    • March 13,

      “Developing Safe, Secure and Sustainable Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems”
      Sandeep Gupta, Arizona State University
      Host: Lin Zhong
    • April 6,

      “Visibile light communication”
      Sridhar Rajagopal, Samsung Telecommunications America
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • September 9,

      “Design Challenges in Broadband Software
      Defined Radio Systems; A System and Circuits Perspective”

      Ahmed M. Eltawil, University of California – Irvine
      Host: Ashu Sabharwal
    • September 17,

      “A 32 Gbps 2048-bit 10GBASE-T Ethernet
      Energy Efficient LDPC Decoder with Split-Row Threshold Decoding

      Tinoosh Mohsenin, University of California – Davis
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • September 29,

      “Challenges and Drivers for Future Radio Access”
      Matti Latva-aho, University of Oulu, Finland
      Host: Behnaam Aazhang
    • October 16,

      “Parameter Variations and Leakage in
      Nano-scale Technologies: Error Resiliency and Low-Power Design

      Kaushik Roy, Purdue University
      Host: Lin Zhong
    • October 16,

      “Customer Reviews in Spectrum:
      Recommendation System in Wideband Cognitive Radio Networks”

      Husheng Li, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
      Host: Lin Zhong
    • October 28,
      – ECE Distinguished Lecture

      “The Technological Power of Communications
      + Content + Community”

      Fred Kitson, Motorola
      Host: Lin Zhong


    • January
      25, 2008

      “Ultra Mobile Broadband: PHY and MAC

      Mohammad Jaber Borran, Qualcomm
      Hosts: Behnaam Aazhang and Ashutosh Sabharwal
    • October
      9, 2008

      “Restless Watchdog: Monitoring Multiple
      Channels in Cognitive Radio Systems”

      Husheng Li, University of Tennessee
      Host: Lin Zhong
    • November
      5, 2008

      “Cooperation and Fairness of Wireless
      Networking using Game Theoretical Approaches”

      Zhu Han, University of Houston
      Host: Ashu Sabharwal
    • November
      11, 2008

      “Coding for Flash Memories”
      Anxiao (Andrew) Jiang, Texas A&M University
      Host: Lin Zhong


    • January
      16, 2007
      – CMC Young Guns Seminar
      “Field-Based Computational Tools for
      Addressing Complexity, Scaling, Variability, and Design in

      Vikram Jandhyala, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of
      Host: Yehia Massoud
    • January
      24, 2007

      “Cooperation, Relay Selection, and the
      effects of Channel State”

      Aria Nosratinia, University of Texas at Dallas
      Hosts: Behnaam Aazhanag and Ashu Sabharwal
    • January
      29, 2007

      “An Overview of MediaFLO – Mobile
      Multimedia Multicasting Technology”

      K. Kiran Mukkavilli, Qualcomm
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • February
      22, 2007

      “Self-consistent Analysis of Chip Power,
      Voltage and Temperature
      (IBM ARL VLSI Seminar Series)”

      Emrah Acar, IBM Austin Research Laboratory
      Host: Kartik Mohanram
    • March
      15, 2007
      – ECE Distinguished Lecture

      “Key Technologies for Wireless Networking
      in the Next Decade”

      Ian F. Akyildiz, Georgia Institute of Technology
      Host: Edward Knightly
    • April
      5, 2007
      – CMC Seminar

      “State-Dependent Multiple Access Channels
      with Channel State Known to Some Encoders”

      J. Nicholas Laneman, University of Notre Dame
      Host: Ashu Sabharwal
    • April
      19, 2007

      “Why I Love the Looming Crisis in Computer

      Mark Oskin, University of Washington
      Host: Peter Varman
    • April
      27, 2007

      “Mobile2.0 – Enabling an Anytime, Anywhere
      Services Ecosystem”

      Venu Vasudevan, Motorola Labs
      Host: Lin Zhong
    • May 3, 2007
      “Integrated Biosensors”
      Khaled Salama, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
      Host: Yehia Massoud
    • May 18, 2007
      “BlueFS: Distributed Storage Meets Consumer

      Jason Flinn, University of Michigan
      Host: Lin Zhong
    • May 31, 2007
      “The recent developments in cryptographic

      Naofumi Homma, Tohoku University, Japan
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • June 1, 2007
      “An Efficient Block Floating Point
      Realization of the Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer”

      Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, IIT-Kharagpur
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • November 1, 2007
      “Implementation Aspects of List Sphere
      Detector Algorithms for MIMO Communications”

      Markku Juntti, University of Oulu
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • November 8, 2007
      “Fixed-point Signal Processing: Fast
      Algorithms with Limited Resources”

      Wayne T. Padgett, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
      Host: Behnaam Aazhang
    • November 13, 2007
      “Random Processes and Random Mixture”
      Giuseppe Abreu, University of Oulu
      Host: Behnaam Aazhang


    • January
      26, 2006
      – The William E. Brice Colloquium Series

      “Feedback, Erasures, Zero-Errors, and More”
      Prof.-em. Dr. James L. Massey, The Swiss Federal Institute of
      Technology (ETH), Zürich, Adjunct Professor, Lund University,
      Sweden, and Adjunct Professor, Technical University of Denmark
      Host: A.C. Antoulas
    • February
      21, 2006

      “Overview of Indian Power System and
      Challenges Ahead”

      Janardan Nanda, Indian National Science Academy Senior Scientist,
      Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT-Delhi
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • August 22, 2006
      “Analysis and Control fo Temporal Behaviors
      in Embedded and Networked Computing Systems”

      Xue Liu, CS Department, University of Illinois at
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • September 14, 2006 – CMC Young Guns Seminar Series
      “Hybrid Digital analog Coding for

      Krishna R. Narayan, Department of Electrical and Computer
      Engineering, Texas A&M University
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • September 21, 2006 – ECE Distinguished Lecture
      “Tracking people through gaps in

      Larry S. Davis, University of Maryland
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • September 26, 2006
      “Joing Channel Estimation and
      Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction for OFDM”

      Ning Chen, Freescale Semiconductor
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • October 12,

      – CMC Young Guns Seminar Series

      “Network Coding Rates and Edge-Cut Bounds”
      Gerhard Kramer, Bell Labs
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • November 2,

      “MIMO Receivers for 3G LTE”
      Markku Juntti, University of Oulu, Finland
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • November 9, 2006
      – CMC Young Guns Seminar Series

      “Secure Communications over Wireless

      Hesham El Gamal, Ohio State University
      Host: Ashu Sabharwal
    • December 14,

      “Development of high-performance RF MEMS
      tunable filters and their system implications “

      Kamran Entesari, ECE Department, Texas A&M University
      Host: Behnaam Aazhang
    • December 15,

      “Disruption Tolerant Networks:
      UMass DieselNet and Capacity Building with Throwboxes”

      Mark Corner, Department of Computer Science, University of
      Massachusetts at Amherst
      Host: Lin Zhong


    • September 15,
      – Texas Instruments Leadership University Seminar Series

      “Subpixel information retrieval –
      applicaitons to image zooming and compression”

      Albert Cohen, Visiting Professor, ECE Department, Rice University and
      Laboratoire J.-L. Lions, Université P.&M. Curie, Paris
      Host: Richard Baraniuk
    • November
      10, 2005
      – Texas Instruments Leadership University Seminar Series

      “Analog to Digital Conversion: Why
      Sigma-Delta Modulation?”

      Ron DeVore, TI Visiting Professor, ECE Department, Rice University and
      Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina
      Host: Richard Baraniuk
    • November
      28, 2005

      “Object Oriented Programming for Digital

      Sergio R. Ramirez, Mentor Graphics Corporation
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro


    • January 15,

      “Recent Results on Limited-Feedback
      Communication Techniques for MIMO Systems”

      Robert Heath, ECE Dept., University of Texas at Austin
      Host: Ashu Sabharwal
    • January 22,

      “Practical Communication over
      doubly-Dispersive Channels”

      Phil Schniter, The Ohio State University
      Host: Ashu Sabharwal
    • April 15, 2004
      “Digital, Analog, MEMS

      Richard Brown, University of Michigan
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro


    • January 31, 2003
      – Seminar

      “Successive Interference Cancellation for
      Uplink CDMA”

      Jeff Andrews, ECE Department, University of Texas at Austin
      Host: Behnaam Aazhang

    • May 2, 2003
      – Seminar

      “Design goals for wireless handset and
      infrastructure modems: A comparative study”

      Chaitali Sengupta, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro

    • October 7, 2003
      “Energy Consumption in Mobile Devices: Why
      Systems Need Requirements-Aware Energy Scale-Down”

      Partha Ranganathan, Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA
      Host: Vijay Pai
    • October 9, 2003
      “Future Trends in the Electronics Industry:
      Gazing into the Cyrstal Ball”

      Mike Smayling, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
      Host: Bill Wilson
    • October 9,

      “Using Matlab and Simulink for System-level Design
      and Rapid Prototyping of an Adaptive Noise Canceller for Implementation on a

      Darel Linebarger, The Mathworks, Natick, MA
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro
    • October 23,

      “Discrete System on a Chip (SOC)

      Thanh Tran, Texas Instruments
      Host: Joseph Cavallaro


    • April 16, 2002

      “Is Binary Signaling Dead at the PCB-interconnect

      Dr. Howard Johnson, Signal Consulting, Inc.

    • October 3, 2002

      “Electronics for the Next Billion People — Cost
      or Performance Driven?”

      Mike Smayling, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA

    • November 1,

      “Interference Avoidance for Wireless Systems”
      Dimitrie Popescu, University of Texas at Austin


    • February 15, 2001

      “Data Synchronization with Timing”

      Navin Kashyap, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor


    • March 22, 2000

      “Architecture Enhancements and Arithmetic
      Units for Digital Signal Processing and Multimedia

      Michael Schulte, EECS Department, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

    • April 5, 2000
      – CMC Seminar
      “Practical Adaptive Processing for Weak
      Signal Detection”

      Raviraj Adve, Research Associates for Defense Conversion (RADC) Inc.,
      Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, NY
    • April 6, 2000
      – CMC Seminar

      “Do Something Phenomenal with Two

      Ray Simar, TI Fellow, Texas Instruments

    • April 6, 2000

      “Lessons from Wavelet-based Image Coding:
      New Directions in Image Modeling”

      Michael T. Orchard, Princeton University (TI Visiting Professor,
      ECE Department, Rice University)

    • May 19, 2000
      IEEE Distinguished Lecture

      “Wireless Systems-on-a-Chip Research at the
      Berkeley Wireless Research Center”

      Bob Broderson, EECS Department, Berkeley Wireless Research Center,
      University of California at Berkeley

    • June 13, 2000
      “Telecom and Internet in Developing
      Countries: Bottlenecks and Solutions”

      Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, EE Department, IIT Madras, Chenai, India
    • August
      4, 2000

      “Rate Scalable Compression with
      application to internet streaming”

      Edward J. Delp, Purdue Multimedia Testbed, School of ECE, Purdue
    • October
      19, 2000

      “Filter Bank Design with Nilpotent
      Matrices for Audio Coding Applications”

      Gerald Schuller, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ
    • October
      20, 2000

      “What Makes Rapid Prototyping Rapid?”
      Markus Rupp, Lucent Technologies


    • August 30, 1999 – CMC Seminar
      “Efficient Frequency Domain Speech
      Enhancement using a Recursive DCT”

      Michael Nowak, ICTech Inc.
    • October 7, 1999
      “An Introduction to Computational
      Imaging and Synthetic Aperture Radar”

      David Munson, TI Visiting Professor, ECE Department, Rice University
    • October 14, 1999
      “3-D Radar Imaging with Applications
      to Astronomy”

      David Munson, TI Visiting Professor, ECE Department, Rice University
    • October 29, 1999 – CMC
      “Wireless Consumer Products: Current
      Designs and Future Improvements”

      Jay Greenwood, Software Designer, Texas Instruments
    • December 13, 1999
      “Model-Based Bayesian Feature
      Matching with Application to Synthetic Aperture Radar Target

      Lee Potter, Electrical Engineering Department, Ohio State
      University, Columbus, OH