VIP Team

DSCN2187 Joseph R. Cavallaro
Dr. Cavallaro has taught at Rice since 1988. His research is in special purpose VLSI processor architectures. He is also the Director of the Center for Multimedia Communication at Rice.
DSCN2176 Kaipeng Li
Graduate Student
Kaipeng Li is a fourth year Ph.D student in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests include parallel computing on GPU, multi-core CPU and mobile computing platforms for accelerating computationally intensive signal processing algorithms. He likes traveling, watching movies and playing badminton in his spare time.
tarver_chance1 Chance Tarver
Graduate Student
Chance Tarver is a third year ECE graduate student working on his PhD in Dr. Cavallaro’s group. He is researching hardware implementations of algorithms to suppress nonlinearirites in communication systems. In his free time, Chance enjoys baking sourdough bread, taking pictures of cats, and hiking.
DSCN2180  Yujun June Chen
Junior, Lovett College
June Chen is a third year electrical engineering student specializing in circuits and systems and double majoring in mathematics. She enjoys music, movies, and writing in her free time.
DSCN2184 Joseph D’Amico
Junior, Duncan College
Joseph D’Amico is a third year electrical engineering student specializing in computer engineering and minoring in business. He enjoys swimming in his free time, and is currently training for a triathlon.